The Great Interview Experiment

I jumped on the bandwagon fairly late, but you know me; it takes a while for a good idea to settle into my brain, percolate a bit, and finally have me act upon it. What the hell am I talking about, you ask? Good question! I am talking about the Great Interview Experiment, a brilliant idea from Neil at Citizen of the Month. If you haven’t already signed up I highly suggest that you do, if only to add your name to a long list of amazing bloggers across the world. Don’t worry about it being too late, it’s kind of a running project and it doesn’t yet seem to be tapering off.

In keeping with the trend, Sara will be interviewing me at some point in the future, and I will be interviewing Nichole as of right now. My questions are in bold; feel free to ask Nichole any questions of your own. Fun for one and all! Here we go:

What was most appealing to you about signing up for Neil’s Interview Experiment?

Finding new blogs and “meeting” new people.

If you could move anywhere in the world with your family, where would you go and why?

I’m very happy where we are right now. We recently moved to within an hour’s drive of where my husband and I both grew up. My mom and youngest brother and my in-laws still live there, my sister-in-law and her four kids an easy drive away and my other brother will be living a few hours away from us after he finishes law school in the fall. We lived in Missouri for five years – about a 12-hour drive from our families – and as a result we’ve only taken one vacation that wasn’t to see family in the seven years we’ve been married. It’s so lovely to be able to visit our families without having to plan a vacation around it. And the area we live in now is just beautiful, and it has a pretty nice climate (it hit 70 today!).

So to answer your question, I wouldn’t move anywhere.

Do you ever feel like blogging is just a fad that will eventually die down, leaving all us bloggers nostalgic for these golden days of writing and self-publishing?

I doubt it. Blogging is simple, cheap and, if you want it to be, anonymous. (That makes it sound pretty nefarious, doesn’t it?) I think the interactive aspects of blogging make it more compelling than keeping a journal. It’s a great outlet for venting, for creativity, for keeping in touch with friends and for making new connections, and I think there will always be a place for that.

Working with middle schoolers I often say to myself, “Thank goodness I don’t have children.” Even though you obviously love your children a great deal, is there ever a time when you wish things were different?

There are times when I’d like to be able to just be by myself for a few minutes. But then I have to remind myself that the kids aren’t always going to want to spend this much time with me and I need to enjoy it while I’ve got it. It’s rare and fantastic to have someone in your life who adores you completely, and toddlers are absolutely crazy about their parents. I need to store up all of the “want to hold Mommy” moments for those days when Piper realizes that I’m not cool.

I notice from your site that you seem to be a cooler, more laid-back version of Martha Stewart. Your recipes, photos, and scrapbooking, in addition to your blogging, make me envious of your many skills. Is there anything that you do that you wish you could do better, or had more time for, or anything new you’d like to try but haven’t gotten around to?

That’s one of the most fabulous things anyone has ever said to me. Thanks!

There are lots of things I with I could do better. I wish I could cook without a recipe, I’d like to be able to dance without embarrassing myself and I’d like to be able to sew. I’m very, very slowly working on the sewing part.

From the viewpoint of a public school librarian, I find it very interesting that you have decided to homeschool your children. Is there anything that you think a public school could provide your kids that you might not be able to at home?

The biggest thing I can think of is unfettered access to other kids. It’s not that I don’t want them to have friends. I just want to be fully involved in their lives, and to me that means playing a role in deciding who they’re spending time with. You could argue that that’s controlling or that I’m planning to shelter them, and I might just agree with you. I think kids need a certain degree of control and shelter.

If you could play an instrument really well, what band would you most like to go on tour with- either past or present?

I’d like to tour with Wilco, because I have a crush on Jeff Tweedy. I mean, because the group is so talented and creative.

What kind of audience would you most like to reach with your blog?

I didn’t start the blog with the intention of reaching an audience beyond my family and friends. I guess I’d like to reach people I’d like to add to that circle – people I’d like to befriend.

Salty or sweet?

The Immaculate Baking Company used to make a potato chip cookie, and it was nearly perfect. Salty and sweet all in one bite. It just needed chocolate. One of these days I’m going to make a chocolate chunk potato chip cookie, and it will be delightful. It will also need a less cumbersome name. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Often times I like to browse through other people’s blogrolls. I notice you don’t have one on your site- which blogs do you enjoy the most and why?

I don’t have a blogroll because I read too many blogs, and it would be a great big mess in the sidebar. Maybe I’ll make a blogroll page. But that isn’t what you asked.

A few of my favorites:

David Byrne, formerly of the Talking Heads, has a great blog. He discusses everything from Dolly Parton’s Dollyworld amusement park to the future of print journalism in an increasingly online society. He writes some of the longest blog posts I’ve ever read, and he seems really intelligent.

My friend Chris’s blog reminds me a lot of David Byrne’s. I don’t think Chris has covered Dollywood yet, but he has shared the story of his visit to Windsor Castle.

Parent Hacks is a great resource for, as the name suggests, parenting tips and tricks.

Jim’s writing at Sweet Juniper almost always rings so true it makes my heart hurt. Kate at Sweet-Salty also tends to do the same thing.

I love to know the reasons behind why people read certain books. What was the last book you picked up and why?

I’m currently reading “The Fourth Bear” by Jasper Fforde. Rather, it’s currently sitting next to me with a bookmark in it, and I haven’t opened it since Friday night. I like Fforde’s “Tuesday Next” series. “The Fourth Bear” isn’t in that series. It just isn’t grabbing me, and I may not finish it.

When you create your weekly menus, do you consult the other members of your household or do you make whatever strikes your fancy?

I used to consult Alex. Then he told me he just wants to eat food and not think about it too much. He’s like a polar bear in that respect. (I’m not sure what, exactly, I meant by that.) Every now and then he’ll specifically request something, like tonight’s dinner. Pancakes. If I asked Piper to help with the menu, we’d be having fish sticks or grilled cheese every night.

If you had to spend the rest of your life with only one person, who would it be?


Did you ever have an infatuation with any of the New Kids on the Block? (Me too!)

I was a loyal Jordan Knight girl. “Was” might not be the right word. The NKOTB reunion rumors have my heart all a-flutter.

Wine or beer?

Root beer.

And so concludes the Q & A session with Nichole. Thanks so much for playing along! As for the rest of you, do you need me to chastise you into signing up? Because you know I will. Don’t worry if your blog is big or small, if you have a thousand readers or just your Mom (hi, Mom!); as Neil says, everybody is somebody, and everyone deserves to be heard.

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19 Responses to The Great Interview Experiment

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  2. RA says:

    Argh, I feel so not on top of this. My poor, neglected interviewee is on Blogger, which, if you haven’t had enough of my incessant whining already, is blocked at work now. BOO HOO. How am I supposed to do background research?! I need to speed read her this week so that I can pull some questions together and escape this hovering guilt cloud.

    Uh, anyway, great interview! I totally agree with the last answer, which kind of sucks with my new year’s resolution to drop soda. Oh, well.

  3. Kristabella says:


    I actually signed up last night. I have to log on tonight to see who I’m interviewing, since I was the last comment last night.

    It’s cool to see how many people are participating!

  4. chris says:

    Unfortunately the only questions I have right now pertain to my Virtual Stock Exchange game. Perhaps your interviewee can offer some buy or sell suggestions to improve my abysmal (and thankfully virtual) portfolio.

  5. LEX says:


    Seeing as you have children, I was wondering of you own a Wii. My boyfriend and I bought one last night and I attempted to play the boxing game that comes with it. My boyfriend had a great time laughing hysterically and rolling around the floor as I punched frantically at the ceiling and the walls NEVER managing to hit my opponent! Any suggestions?

  6. Jess says:

    I love your questions! And the answers, of course. But seriously, you are a brilliant interviewer. Must be that library science background.

  7. Mumsie Lou says:

    Nichole this is not a question but a suggestion to your chip cookie. Take ripple chips (hold up better) dip in melted chocolate, let harden, then dip in melted carmel, let harden, dip again into melted chocolate, then dip in to nuts…harden again..enjoy!

    They are the most sinful and rich chip/cookie/candy on this earth….yum to salty and sweet.

  8. npw says:

    1. Jeff Tweedy certainly is a cutie.
    2. I would now really like a potato chip cookie.
    3. I also like the Tuesday Next series, but none of the other Jasper Fforde books.
    4. If Chris told me he wanted to eat food and not think about it much, he’d be looking at a lot of take-out meals. You are really a very nice wife.
    5. Jordan Knight forever.

    To Lex:

    I need to see you playing Wii boxing, ASAP.

    To Jess:


  9. Whiskeymarie says:

    Great interview!

    This interview thing intrigues me, but I am intimidated by anything that requires follow-through.

  10. -R- says:

    I will be posting my interview tonight, actually!

    NPW, I am so glad you worked NKOTB into your interview.

  11. Noelle says:

    Great interview! Now I’ve got one more blog to peruse. This sounds like an excellent project, but I’m a bit worried I wouldn’t be so natural in coming up with interview questions…

  12. npw says:

    WM: Really, it’s pretty painless. I swear!

    -R-: I’m glad I managed to get the New Kids in there. They don’t get enough exposure on my blog, apparently.
    Can’t wait to read your interview!

    Noelle: Sure you would! It’s really not so hard once you’ve read through some archives. I bet you would have interesting questions.

  13. Nichole says:

    Chris: Buy high, sell low! Wait … Something about that doesn’t sound right. Maybe that explains my weak portfolio.

    Lex: We do have a Wii, but the kids are too small to play yet. It’s solely for me and my nerdy husband. I don’t have any boxing tips to share, though. I mostly play tennis.

    Mumsie Lou: Oh my stars. That sounds fabulous.

    NPW: I’m having a monthly cookie giveaway at I may add potato chip cookies to the list. The next batch will be this weekend, probably.

  14. mickey says:

    Good questions.

    Root beer? Really?

  15. npw says:

    Nichole: Hey! We have a Wii and NO children, what does that make us? Super nerdy?

    Mickey: Seriously. I would have picked both, but not root beer.

  16. Laurel says:

    Wow, NPW, you are a really good interviewer! I thoroughly enjoyed your questions and I want to go check out Nichole’s blog now!

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  18. will says:

    Great job with the interview.

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