The Proposal

Ask and ye shall receive. The story of how Jay proposed:

Just about two years ago Jay and were only a couple months into our relationship and decided to get away for a weekend. We picked Portland, Maine, partly because it’s lovely there and partly because it’s an amazing place for people who enjoy food and drink like we do.

When we arrived at our hotel we were delighted at how cozy it felt. There was just one thing: there was a strange little mini stage in the corner of the room. We ended up laughing ourselves silly imagining what the stage was for and declaring that we would have a karaoke-off on it. Well, the singing never happened, but we did really enjoy that little stage and would bring it up years later to make each other giggle.

On Friday when we got to the hotel, Jay grabbed the keys and we headed up to the room. “This seems really familiar… is this the same room?” But when we opened the door I knew it couldn’t be. There was no stage! Little did I know that Jay had indeed requested the same room but that in the last two years they had gotten rid of that stage and re-tiled the floor.

We headed down to the hotel lounge to grab a drink before dinner and we laughed about how we could still have a singing competition even without the stage in the room. I made a bold claim that I would just stand on the bed and sing, and that I still knew all the words to the French national anthem so that was my choice. Let this be a lesson to you all: if your boyfriend is determined to make you perform, he is not going to care that you were kidding when you chose La Marseillaise as your song.

Once back in the room Jay was all, “Get up on that bed and sing!”. Not to be made a liar, I stood on that bed and sang the whole anthem complete with military salutes while Jay watched from the couch. And then it was Jay’s turn to perform.

He hopped up on the bed and told me I was not allowed to video this performance. He turned around and loaded a song on his phone and then… you guys. Do you remember the 90s R&B song “I Love Your Smile”, by Shanice? I bet you do, even if you don’t think you do. Hold on, I’ll let you jog your memory.

YouTube Preview Image

Jay legit danced and sang that song like no one’s business and I was delighted because he plays that song for me in the mornings when I wake up and it’s so ridiculous and so us that I couldn’t believe he was doing a WHOLE ROUTINE TO IT. He always says “I DO love your smile! But that song is terrible. But I REALLY DO love your smile! But seriously, that song is the worst.”

And it is. But that’s why it’s also the best.

So he was singing and dancing and then suddenly he spun around and got down on his knee and I was still sitting across the room when he asked me to marry him. I am mildly embarrassed to tell you, I was frozen to my seat. I also kept repeating “Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?”, and finally: “Yes!”

Jay turned off Shanice and came over to me on the couch and told me all the sweet things but I needed to try that ring on. It’s so shiny and so perfect, and Jay and the Mumsy Lou spent months sneaking around to pick out the setting and get it made. I have no idea how my Mumsy kept a secret that long, but now that I know they’re super sneaks I will keep it in mind for the future.

And that’s it. We are engaged. To be married! It’s crazy and wonderful and perfect, just like us.

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6 Responses to The Proposal

  1. stefanie says:

    Aw. Well that’s just the sweetest. Perfect and fantastic and I’m so happy for both of you. Now will you also write about how you first met Jay? Did you ever do that and I missed it? If so, a link will suffice. :-)

  2. AAAAAHHHHH! I love this. So many congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  3. heidikins says:

    Yaay! This is so perfect! Love, love, and more love. Congrats again to you both!


  4. RA says:

    AMAZING. Why is there no video evidence? Whyyyyy?

  5. Aaron says:

    Okay, that’s pretty goddamn cute. I know I said it already, but congrats!! It bears repeating. And don’t let anyone rush you guys on a wedding date. You’ve got loads of time.

  6. Wow. You’re right, I didn’t remember that song and then I did. Congrats! Y’all are adorable.

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