Heh, Oops

Well, I feel a little silly about those scheduled posts considering what really transpired over the weekend. In case you were one of the few people that missed the news, Jay proposed to me on Friday night up in Portland! And of course I said yes, because he’s my favorite person ever. We celebrated all weekend, which was amazing and perfect and full of love. As my sister texted me: “Are you guys all sloppy lovey dopey eyes stumbling around today?!” Yes. Yes we were. It was probably sickening to everyone else but we didn’t even care.

Even just the memory of it erases the fact that I had to return to work today, plus grocery shop at The Store of Nightmares and do stupid things like laundry and dishes. Because shiny diamond! Proposal! Fiancé! GETTING MARRIED!

Plus, seriously: how cute are we?


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7 Responses to Heh, Oops

  1. NGS says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for both of you!!

  2. ccr in MA says:

    Ooh, congratulations!

  3. flurrious says:

    That is a really cute engagement picture. I wished you congratulations already, but I can hear Emily Gilmore in my head saying, “you do not offer congratulations to the bride. You offer congratulations to the groom. You offer best wishes to the bride.” So best wishes! Or whatever! Also, does this mean there won’t be a puppy?

  4. Congratulations! Y’all are really ridiculous cute. I’m so excited for you both!!

  5. RA says:

    I chuckled over your scheduled posts after I saw that you had gotten engaged. Oh, Past NPW, if you only knew.

  6. Amy says:


  7. heidikins says:

    This officially made me get all teary on a Tuesday. So very happy for you!


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